Q. - How do I dispose of refrigerant gel from Propak freezer gel packs?

A. - Read the blog article here - https://dryicedirect.co/blogs/news/how-to-dispose-of-propak-refrigerant-gel

Q. - Is Dry Ice toxic? 

A. -  No. Dry ice is the solid state of carbon dioxide

 Q. - Are there any special precautions I should take when using dry ice?

A. - There are a number of important precautions to take when handling dry ice:

  • Dry ice is much colder than regular ice, and can burn the skin similar to frostbite. You should wear insulated gloves when handling it. Wear safety glasses and a face shield if you are cutting or chipping it.
  • Keep dry ice out of the reach of children.
  • Never eat or swallow dry ice.
  • Avoid inhaling carbon dioxide gas.