Dry Ice Safety

Dry Ice Safety

Use these safety tips when you work with dry ice!

Guidelines for Safe Dry Ice Use

  • Use Protective gloves

  • Use in a ventilated location.

  • Children should be supervised by an adult when using dry ice.


The temperature of dry ice is -109º F, cold enough to freeze skin cells and cause an injury similar to a burn. Always handle dry ice with protective gloves.


Store dry ice in an insulated container. Do not store ice in a container that is completely airtight. As the ice changes to CO2 (carbon dioxide) gas, it will cause an airtight container to expand and possibly explode.


Dry ice gives off CO2 into the air, so if dry ice has been in a closed car, van, or room for more than 10 minutes, open the doors and windows before entering. Otherwise, you will experience difficulty breathing. Leave the area immediately if you start to breathe quickly or have any difficulty breathing.