How to dispose of Propak refrigerant gel.

How do I dispose of refrigerant gel from freezer gel packs?

Be responsible! Do Not throw full gel packs into the trash. This creates a serious burden on the landfills as gel packs will not breakdown in the plastic cover.

The first step is removing the gel from the plastic. It can go in a trash can (not down the sink; it will clog).

The best way is to pour it into a bowl or on a tray and let the gel dry. 

The gel will shrink as it dries, making disposal easier reducing the impact on the waste system. 

That leaves recyclable plastic —  it can’t go into a curbside can. It’s a specialized kind of plastic, the same type used for grocery bags, so it has to go to a designated recycling location. 

Save and donate used refrigerant gel packs.

Food shelters and organizations that distribute meals are often in need of gel packs for their deliveries. Check with your local organizations, they will most likely be appreciative.

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 Nordic Ice Drain Safe Gel Packs are the only refrigerant gel pack safe for drain disposal.